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Jan 8, 2018
Posted by: felix
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Port of Riga - You can do tracking vessels at Riga Port & Terminals with Genscape Vesseltracker from now on!
genscape vesseltracker

In addition to operating the largest and fastest growing privately owned AIS receiver network in the world, combined with the most technologically advanced satellite constellation available, Genscape Vesseltracker maintains a database of polygons (also known as geo-fences), that can represent an area such as a port, terminal, anchorage, or areas and regions such as seas, countries, continents, crossing points, and general points of interest.

Maintaining this database of polygons allows Genscape Vesseltracker to turn comprehensive AIS information on over 144,000 vessels a day into a detailed story of events about not only each and every vessel that has AIS onboard, but also about each and every area or region that one of the polygons represents.

Riga port terminals at Vesseltracker

- See more at: http://www.genscape.com/blog/tracking-vessels-port-terminal-levels-genscape-vesseltracker#sthash.w2ROzKw5.dpuf